Partially Refunding a Ticket

When a ticket has been partially used and the sales period is over, you cannot void the ticket: you must process a partial refund. The refund appears on the Query report and is reported to the BSP/ARC stock provider. The stock provider then settles the refund between the validating airline and your agency.

When you request a partial refund, the refund record is displayed.

It is automatically filled with the original sales data, if it can be retrieved from the document database. If no data is retrieved, a blank refund record is displayed and you have to enter the details of the refund manually. The fields that you are allowed to change depend on the refund table for your stock provider.

You have to manually change the ticket data in the refund record. You must delete the used taxes from the refundable tax record before processing the refund record. If tax data for the refund is not retrieved from the Document database, you must enter it manually in the refundable tax record.

To partially refund a document:

1.For paper tickets: In the Follow-Up tab, enter the 3-digit airline code and the 10-digit airline ticket number.

For e-tickets: In the Follow-Up tab, enter or select the e-ticket number and click on Display to open the e-ticket display.

For alternative ways of accessing follow-up actions, refer to Follow-up Actions from the PNR or the Query Report.

2.Click on Refund. The Refund Record window is displayed.


3.From the refund record, update the fields as required.

Note:     While updating the refund record, use the Save Changes button to save your modifications, and the Refresh icon to update the record display without processing the refund.

For help about a specific field, place the mouse cursor over the field to view the tooltip. Here is additional information on some of the fields:

-Refund Table: Indicates the refund type: 'M’ for Manual, ‘F’ when data is retrieved and ‘L’ when the record contains both retrieved and manual data.

-Document List and Coupon Number table:

Airline Code: The 3-digit airline code. Example: 057

Serial Number: The 10-digit ticket or document number that you are refunding. Example: 4410586619

Check Digit: The check digit of the ticket or document that you are refunding. Example: 2

Coupon: Select the unused coupon numbers (1, 2, 3 or 4) to be refunded.

-TKT: Set to Yes if there are coupons to be refunded.

-Authorization: The airline code for refund authorization (up to 14 alphanumeric characters). Example: 10504Q59QBXE9C. For e-ticket refunds, use the ESAC (Electronic Settlement Authorization Code) provided by the airline.

-Fare Paid: The original or equivalent fare paid for the document to be refunded. You can only update the field if no information could be retrieved.

-Fare Used: If the ticket has been partially used, enter the fare amount of the coupons that have been used and cannot be refunded.

-Fare Refund: The fare to be refunded (the difference between the fare paid and the fare used).

-Net Refund: The Net Remit Indicator and the Net Fare to be refunded (if the document was issued with an incentive ticketing method).

-Tax Refund: The total amount of refundable taxes. If there is only one tax to refund, enter its amount in this field. Example: 12.92

If more than one tax exists in the document to refund, click on to display the Refundable Tax Record window. See Refunding Taxes for details.

-Total Refund: The total amount to be refunded: Fare refund + Tax refund – (Cancellation Fee + Miscellaneous Fee). This field is not editable.

-Original Issue Info: Original Issue information from the FO element if an exchange document is to be refunded.

-Commission: The commission that applies to the original sale of the document you are refunding. Depending on the option button that you select, enter either an amount (Example: 50.00), or a percentage (Example: 10).

For BA agents only: In the Commission B field, enter the secondary commission that allows you to identify the commission values associated to British Airways Bacchus deals, and to separate them from the regular commission.

-Cancellation Fee: The cancellation penalty amount or percentage that applies to the refundable fare amount. Examples: the amount of 50.00 or the percentage of 19.

-Canx Fee Commission: The commission percentage or amount that applies to the cancellation penalty charged for the refund. Example: the percentage of 10 or the amount of 25.00.

-Miscellaneous Fee: The amount of the fee used to cover administration charges to process the refund.

-Form of Payment Type: The form of payment used for the original sales (the same form of payment will be used for the refund).

-Form of Payment Amount: The total refund amount.

4.Click on Process Refund to process the partial refund.

A message to confirm that the refund has been processed successfully is displayed. The refund is stored in the document database and the ticket is displayed with the RFND transaction code in the sales reports.

For an e-ticket, the coupon status is automatically set to 'R' for 'Refunded'.